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- "Extinction" EP release is under construction. More info soon.

- OUT NOW: "Incendium" new full length album.
Mixed & mastered at Endarker studios. Layout by Mark Riddick.
Digi CD by the Polish Hellthrasher Productions.

- OUT NOW: "12 Years of War and Revenge" CD compilation, by Those Opposed Records.
Tape version by self Mutilation Services Records
(lmt 300 copies).

- OUT NOW: Enshadowed / Burial Hordes - split 7" vinyl EP, by Razorbleed Productions (lmt 300 copies).
Pro-tape version by Razorbleed Productions & Noisegoat Productions (lmt 111 copies).

- OUT NOW: "War, Revenge & Total Annihilation" red vinyl LP version, by Witching Hour Productions.

- OUT NOW: "Descent" 7" red vinyl EP, by Witching Hour Productions (lmt 333 copies).
Tape version by Ferrous Void Productions (lmt 30 copies)

- OUT NOW: "Devotion To Unholy Creed" 12"
white colored vinyl LP by Zyklon-B Productions (lmt 333 copies)

Formed in 2001, Burial Hordes was conceived from the evil intent. Using their musical expression to vent their philosophy and extreme negative energies, the concept of Burial Hordes was unleashed upon the world. At this time the band self-released their demo CD entitled "Entering the Untrodden Forest", which was a homemade recording. Live concerts followed, and after two years a second demo CD called “Mors Luminis”.

In 2004, Burial Hordes recorded a promo release with two tracks, entitled “Bestial Bloodwar”. This material was also used for the split release "Total Gathering of Supremacy" with Eschaton band.

Near the end of 2005 Burial Hordes recorded their debut album, “War Revenge and Total Annihilation”. Ten tracks of aggressive old school black metal with no compromises. Oath Records & Asphyxiate Recordings released the CD version, while Atolinga Records pressed the tape edition.

In 2008 Burial Hordes signed with Pulverized Records. The label re-pressed the “War, Revenge and Total Annihilation” debut in a special digipack CD edition. At this time, the group also recorded 8 new old school black metal tracks, and their 2nd album called “Devotion to Unholy Creed” was released under the banner of Pulverised Records.

By mid 2009 the band recorded 2 tracks for the 4-way split release of "Secta Nova" which was released in 2010 by Zyklon-B Productions. Zyklon-B also released “Devotion to Unholy Creed” in white vinyl, limited to 133 copies.

In 2011 Burial Hordes made a deal with the Polish label Witching Hour Productions to release a new 7” vinyl EP called ”Descent”. Witching Hour Productions also released a vinyl edition of “War Revenge and Total Annihilation” which included new bonus tracks (limited to this vinyl version only).

Progress continued in 2012 with the release of “12 Years of War and Revenge”. A compilation CD commemorating Burial Hordes history of merciless aural torture. Released by Those Opposed Records, it includes an additional unreleased track. Also slated for release is a 7” split vinyl record with fellow Greek black metal band Enshadowed. Two limited editions of this split will be released by Razorbleed Productions. 2012 also spawned a new member, Nuctemeron, behind the drums and currently the band is preparing new blasphemous songs for their third upcoming full length album.

Staying true to their original conception, yet evolving into new forms of vehement sound. Devoted and unwavering in their ideology to anti-commercialism, anti-social, anti-religious, satanic, chaos and misanthropy, they continue to march to their own hellish and hatred-fueled inspirations.

Devotion to Unholy Creed - LPSecta NovaDevotion to Unholy Creed
War, Revenge & Total Annihilation - RE-PRESSTotal Gathering of SupremacyWar, Revenge & Total Annihilation

~ Incendium : 3rd Full-length, CD version 2014 (Hellthrasher Productions)
~ 12 Years of War & Revenge
: CD compilation 2012 (Those Opposed Records)
~ Enshadowed / Burial Hordes : Split EP 2012 (Razorbleed Productions)
~ Descent : 7" vinyl EP, 2012 (Witching Hour Productions)
~ War, Revenge & Total Annihilation : LP version, 2012 (Witching Hour Productions)
~ Devotion to Unholy Creed : LP version, 2011 (Zyklon-B Productions)
~ Secta Nova : Split CD 2010 (Zyklon-B Productions)
~ Devotion to Unholy Creed : 2nd Full-length, CD version 2008 (Pulverised Records)
~ War, Revenge & Total Annihilation : Re-press digi CD version 2008 (Pulverised Records)
~ War, Revenge & Total Annihilation : Re-press, CD version 2006 (Asphyxiate Recordings)
~ Total Gathering of Supremacy : Split CD 2005 (God Is Dead Records)
~ War, Revenge & Total Annihilation : Debut album, CD version 2005 (The Oath Records)

Demo releases :
~ Mors Luminis : demo 2003 ~
~ Entering the Untrodden Forest : demo 2001 ~

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